The Tianfu Awards, created by GMGC is a annual ceremony to honor outstanding games, companies and practitioners in the gaming industry.


Spanning from mobile, PC gaming, to the mobile game distributors, media and channels the Tianfu Awards is one of the top award shows, built for the gaming industry.

GMGC aims to reward genuine premium games and acknowledge the industry veterans who have dedicated themselves to the game industry, thus improve the competitiveness of Chinese games and to boost the industry to a new level.

Voting Procedure
  • August 13 - October 15, Submit Games, List Released On The Internet
  • September 1 - October 15, Popular Voting On The Internet
  • October 15 - October 26, Selection And Grading By Guest Media And Experts
  • November 5 – Tianfu Award Ceremony


  1. Reference data is provided by authorized third party data research institutes.
  2. Baidu Index
  3. Popular voting
  4. Grading by industrial professional experts
  5. Recommendation by guest media


Vote in terms of influence, number of downloads income, quantity and quality, popularity, etc. Companies, who get maximum number of votes, will be receiving the awards.

Selection of Judges

Industry leaders and veterans of mobile game industry with rich experience, prestige and vision.